Steel Trap

Steel Trap

So you think you can escape?
Think I'm like you?
That I won't remember?

You couldn't be more wrong.

My mind's a trap,
With teeth you couldn't imagine
In your most horrifying
And I see in your eyes
The pain
As my memory snaps down
On the legs of your heedless brain.

You want to free yourself,
Don't you?

Go ahead and try!

Put that soft mouth
To the root of your pain,
Bare those perfect teeth,
Gnaw off those
Shattered, oozing limbs!

And then --
Oh, then --
Crawl away maimed
And sobbing
While I laugh
And crunch your bones,
Swallow your gore.

No, I shan't kill you:
Not this time,
But lie in wait
Again and again,
Wherever you least expect.
Catch you unawares
Till nothing remains
For my teeth to grasp,
And I've devoured you,
Heart, mind, and soul.


C.P. Warner
3 September 1998