Reality Check

Reality Check

I invent romantic notions,
And chase my romantic ideals,
Running breathlessly over a landscape
That exists only in my mind.
You are the kite borne on the wind,
Whose string I've chanced to release.

Or was I ever
Holding it?

Perhaps it was all a dream.

Would my heart still tremble within me
If I had to do your laundry?
If I had to keep my feet on the ground
While you sailed away in the clouds?

"Reality, be gone!"
Cries my longing for a dream,
And I glory in pain
As I yearn to unite with you.
Oh, Angst und Schmerz!
Oh, Sturm und Drang!

I may need to launder
My unholy thoughts,
But I will never
Have to scrub your socks.


C.P. Warner
6 January 1992