Rain Song

Rain Song

I have danced in the rain,
Sung out loud
In big-city parking garages,
And stood on crumbling concrete corners
Of streets in places far and near,
Trying to find the things
Which comprise myself.

Thus far, I have found that
I am
The backs of the leaves on trees
That show before a storm,
Displaying facets
Many times seen,
But seldom observed.
And when pre-storm wind stirs me,
I eagerly await the rain.

Rain and chill I welcome,
For they are dearest friends.
I thrive in stormy weather,
For I am also
The nip in the wind
That strikes at unprotected cheeks
And makes one shiver
From deep within the soul.

No creation of mine involves the sun.
She is far too bright for me.
The grainy gray of stormy days
Shows me the essence of self,
For the lightning strokes and thunderclaps
Are the elder sisters and brothers
Who dictate the course
Of unshaped ideas in my mind.

C.P. Warner

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