Prayer for a Friend

Prayer for a Friend

Tell me why
This beautiful Spirit
I've grown to love
Must remain caged
In flesh that fails?

Why must this Good Soul
Suffer and suffer,
And then
Suffer still more?

This cannot be
The Right Order of Things.

Surely you hear
Our pleas
For his healing?

But all is quiet.
There is no answer,
And his Spirit still weeps,
And my heart,
Will not bear this grief.

Would that I
Could rise up,
And take your place,
And right the wrongs
That You will not.

But here I stand,
One woman.
One sad,
Mortal woman.

I cannot make him well.
I cannot take away his pain.
But I can hold his hand,
And yes!
I can walk
Alongside of him.
Hear his sorrows,
And share his joys,
Few though they be
In this lonely time.

I can offer no power,
No magic,
No charm,
But I can be me,
And he can be he,
And for now
That will have to do.

Let my cry
Come unto Thee,
O Lord.

I ask but
Thy blessing.



C.P. Warner
5 June 2000


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