Over Java

Over Java

It's a far more major addiction
Than I expected it would become,
Swirling dark brown
In a thick china mug
'Til I pour in some milk
And mellow it.

(I never used to
like this stuff...)

Is it caffeine
Or your company
That leads me to seek
This peculiar solace?
My hands are shaking,
And I'm talking too much,
And yet --
"Another double, please."

Cappuccino Della Sera,
Cafe latté or au lâit --
I'll take it,
And drink it
To excess, yet,
'Til I do this better than you,
My friend.

Oh praise God
For this bracing blend!
And may He
Grant me the grace
To retrieve
The last traces
Of froth from my mug
Without appearing a clod!


C.P. Warner
© 23 July 1992