The Deity Sports with a Set of Human "Clackers"

I am glass;
A sphere
Flawed by murk
Held inside.

The identical shape
Of you rests beside me:
Clear crystal bright and
Made of stronger stuff,
Thick string knotted
Through your center.

I am tied
At the opposite end
From you,
And at peace 'til the toy
Is taken up
By the hands of Him
Who seeks diversion
The motion begins --
A slow swinging at first,
And we tap each other gently.

The arc of the string
Takes me out and away,
Then brings me swiftly
Back to you,
And we rebound
One from the other.
Now the impact is sharper,
And my glass veneer chips away,
And I've barely time
To be frightened by this
Before we've collided again.

The ooze within me
Rolls and boils;
It wants release
And my shell grows weak.

You are resilient
And don't show your nicks:
Not a single one!
How I wish
I knew...


C.P. Warner
© 11 Sept. 1992