The Fool's Allemande

The Fool's Allemande

Oh, to see you
Dance on the edge
At the foot of your
Sacred mountain;
Perilously close
To the yawning chasm
Of the yet-unkown,
The earth crumbling
Beneath your toes.

Oh, for a glimpse
Of the delight in your eyes
When you find
A free-fall is not so bad;
That the wind
Of your inspiration
Will bear you up,
Rocking you gently
Until you can withstand
Its most frightening sport
Of dropping you down
Amongst your demons
And catching you up again.

Oh, the bliss
Of allowing yourself
To view such a fall
As just a simple step too far,
And so, being free,
In the subsequent flight.

And oh, how blessed indeed to know
That she,
Who gives breath
To the voice of the soul
Is waiting,
Arms outstretched,
To spare you
The pain
Of your landing.


C.P. Warner
July 1992