Elegy for RG

Elegy for RG

Sung to the Scottish tune, "Mist-covered Mountains of Home"
Verse Form: A A B B A(instrumental) B A
Move thy Capo as thou wilt, to suit thy Voice...

A Light dwells within his flesh and his bone,
With a darkness which compels him to roam alone
Searching, searching, for what? For whom?
Who's this Man of the Dark; where's the Man of the Light?

Sleepless, after hours, abroad in the night,
Traversing silent lanes lonely mile after mile.
Searching, searching, for what? For whom?
For a soul, dear and true, to hear his cry edged in blue.

The Man of Power, he knows no fear at all,
But the Man of Grace, he is mystified,
Cannot understand all the greed and the frenzy
Of hands that reach out as if to rend him alive.

Only flesh and bone, all a-glow from within:
Frail, weary vessel which cannot withstand
The fierce darkness without; its walls shatter
And crumble, and nothing remains but mem'ries and ash.

God bestows, then reclaims His Lights one by one,
As at some fearsome Tenebrae;
One by one, and the darkness encroaches;
The Curtain in the Temple is torn to shreds.

If some Heaven exists where Music lives on eternally,
A million miles away, imagine him there,
Blazing immortal, though still edged in blue,
Pacing the boards before a Legion of Saints.

C.P. Warner
13 November 2001

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