Clearance Sale

Clearance Sale

He points to His bright-red,
Thorn-crowned heart
The lopsided smile
On His badly-painted face
Pleading with me:
"I'm your Saviour!
I belong in your garden!
Buy Me!
Take Me Home!"

Earlier in the season,
He was too costly
For folks around here,
But now
A placard proudly proclaims:

"Sacred Heart of Jesus –
Was $39.95 –
Now only – "

But no new price is listed.

I wince.

It pains me
To see even this bad repro
For want of a buyer,
Leftover clutter
To be sold off cheap
In an end-of-season sale.

Since I'm not one
To advertise
My love for Him
With the building of a
Bathtub shrine,
Poor Jesus stays behind,
Crammed in with
Planters and trellises,
And the fading flowers
Of a summer gone by.

Hours later,
I'm still haunted by that smile,
And the image makes me sad.

It was just a statue,
With scant artistic merit,
But I can't seem to get it
Out of my mind.

Perhaps I've a secret yearning
To build that bathtub shrine…

C.P. Warner
© 25 August 1999

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