Reflections on an Empty Ale Bottle

Reflections on an Empty Ale Bottle

remembering D.B.

Green glass
And bright, shiny stars,
And the velvety black night time
Remind me of you
And the night we drank
Almost until dawn.
At its conclusion
You walked me home,
Still sipping at a bottle of ale.
Romance passed between us,
And then you walked home yourself.

In the morning,
I stood where we had.
I recalled
The moon's dim light
Reflecting from your glasses
As you touched your lips
To mine.
I recalled
The closeness,
The comfort of your gentle touch,
And the way your slender, muscular body
Felt when I held it tightly against me.
I had never been so aware
Of true friendship and love's warmth
Ever before.

I longed for the closeness,
The touching, and
The tender loving you had given
All over again.

But the morning had come.
There I stood alone,
Where you and I
Once stood, exchanging kisses.
Green glass
Caught my eye;
The bottle of ale
Stood empty in the sink.
I took it
And held it for a moment.
Then I looked at it
And saw an unusual sight.

I saw us standing
In the kitchen I now stood in alone,
With our arms intertwined
And our lips touching.
As I watched,
I felt safe and protected,
As if I were
In your arms again.

C. P. Warner

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