Doubtful Sound, Hook

From Doubtful Sound
by C.P. Warner

There’s a thing I read once, and hanged if I can remember where, but it made quite an impression on me at the time. I forgot all about it as the years passed, but happened to think of it last night when I couldn’t sleep. I wish I hadn’t ever forgotten it, because it might have been of some benefit to me, if I had remembered. ’Twas something like:

‘You mustn’t seek to add what you once had to what you have; you have no right to share what you were with what you are. ’Tis forbidden for any man to have it all. He must choose: past or present. One happy thing is every happy thing: two, is as if they had never been.’

Or in other words, the two happy things cancel each other out in some cosmic way, and the man who tries to have it all in spite of that warning will suffer for it...


C.P. Warner
© 26 August 2009


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