Doubtful Sound, an Update

Doubtful Sound, an Update

When I first embarked upon the writing of Doubtful Sound, I truly believed it was going to be a short story, but it didn't take me long to reach 100 pages, and at that point, I upgraded it to novella status.

Well, my characters had other ideas, as characters are wont to do.

450 pages and several years later, Doubtful Sound blossomed into a novel, and I have decided that this time, I really must try and see if I can get my work published. If I fail by traditional methods, I will once again opt for self-publication. However, I am truly hoping it will not come to that.

In these troubled times, more than ever, we need tales in which the human spirit triumphs against staggering odds. We need to know what the characters learn in the process, and perhaps learn something new ourselves.

Ultimately, we all need to reaffirm our belief and faith in unconditional love that knows no bounds.

Yes, those are lofty goals indeed, but if what I have written uplifts so much as one person, then it will have been worth all the struggles I have come through in this lengthy and sometimes painful process of birthing a new story.

It has always been a spiritual endeavour, labored over with great love. I hope, if this endeavor does indeed bear the fruit I would like it to, that you will want to hold it in your hands, and set forth on this journey with me and "my people."

Thank you for your interest, and your support.


C.P. Warner
26 August 2009

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